We are so excited to be releasing a world first neon bulb. Everything you want for neon in a bulb. Edison would be so happy!

What is your neon bulb?

Our new Neon Bulb is a standard bulb with a LED filament especially designed with us to enable the designing of words and icons.

The bulbs are a decorative bulb so would suit a bedside lamp, coffee shop or in a cluster. These bulbs are not suitable for lighting large areas. 

How bright are the neon bulbs?

The Neon Bulbs have a lumin value of 2200K which is suitable as a decorative bulb to be used in lamps.

How do your Neon Bulbs connect?

They have a standard Edison E27 screw bulb connection, which will fit most lamps. 

How long will your bulb last?

As with any LED bulb, the lifespan is up to 50,000 hours. Warranty period applies.

What if I want something different?

We have the ability to create custom neon bulbs especially designed for you. There is minimum order quantities of at least 50 but can be confirmed upon discussion. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: They are difficult to design with and every design may not be achievable.