ULTRABRITE LED is a premium quality neon to ensure it will glow for a lifetime. All signs at Neon Poodle are made with ULTRABRITE LED, to guarantee a lifespan for over 6 years. As the DIP neon structure we use invites a longer life span to our products, this may explain the higher prices in comparison to other neon companies who use a SMD base (6-12 month longevity) for their signs.

LED Neon is trendy, it's cool and has ultimately become the "go to" for all interiors, events and weddings. It provides a superior lifespan, safety and cleaner design when compared to traditional glass neon.

BUT, not all LED Neon is the same:

There are three different types of LED neon technology:

  • DIP - longer lasting, true lifetime quality up to 50,000 hours, 12mm wide tube.
  • SMD - short life neon, up to 5,000 hours, 8mm wide tube
  • Silicone SMD - short-life, up to 5,000 hours, small cuts and 6mm wide tube

Discover the Neon Poodle difference:

  • Two Year Warranty on all components
  • 12mm Ultra quality LED using DIP technology only
  • 5mm acrylic base for superior strength
  • Satisfaction Guarantee*, we will replace if you dont like you final product. 

Compare our "ULTRABRITE LED" product against our competitors below:

 Company Warranty Flexible LED Dimmer Shipping
Neon Poodle 2 years 12mm DIP Free Free
Neon Beach 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$
Bag and Bones 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$
Custom Neon 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$