Our Story

Born in 2016 by Sammy & Jason Gibson, Neon Poodle emerged as Australia's first LED neon company, specializing in custom and ready made pieces for any setting or celebration. Within just three years, our vibrant designs led us to become Australia's top e-Commerce destination for neon enthusiasts, extending our glow to the US, UK, and Europe.

As 2022's hues dimmed, a fresh vibrancy took over. Now under the passionate leadership of Skye Gibson, Jason’s sister, our focus has sharpened. We're not just about neon; we champion a lively, creative neon community. We're diving deeper into artist collaborations, debuting contemporary designs, and spotlighting those making luminous changes in the business and community worlds.

Our Mission

Neon Poodle isn't just about lights; it's about lighting up lives. Every neon strand we craft is a testament to our mission: to illuminate the world with unmatched creativity.

By 2030, we're not just aiming to be Australia's neon MVP. We're setting our sights on becoming a beacon of collaboration and community spirit.

We dream of a world where neon tells stories, celebrates artists, and champions businesses. So, whether you're an artist, a dreamer, or just someone who loves a good glow, join us.

Let's light up the world, one neon sign at a time.