Neon Poodle is more than just a neon company. We're a vibrant community where creativity shines and individuality is celebrated. Think of us as your go-to canvas for self-expression, where ideas transform into brilliant neon masterpieces. Dive in, light up, and glow your own way!

Crafting your unique neon vision is a breeze with Neon Poodle! Head over to our custom online builder, let your imagination run wild, and choose your desired colours, fonts, and sizes.

Remember, it's all about letting your creativity glow. If you ever get stuck or need a splash of inspiration, our team's always here, excited to help you out!

We get it—sometimes things don't shine as we expect them to. At Neon Poodle, our community's happiness lights up our world. If you have concerns about your neon piece, check out our Returns & Exchanges policy on the site, and we'll do our best to make things right.

Collaboration is in our DNA! We're all about joining forces with artists, dreamers, and businesses to create neon symphonies. If you're keen to glow together, slide into our inbox.

Let's light up the world, one collaboration at a time!

Creating a neon sign is an intricate dance of art and craftsmanship. They involve skilled handiwork, high-quality materials, and specialised equipment.

While the price might reflect this craftsmanship, the outcome is a unique piece that glows with individuality and lasts for years.

Our neon signs are designed primarily for indoor brilliance. While they can handle a bit of moisture, prolonged exposure to outdoor elements might dampen their glow.

If you're keen on lighting up the outdoors, we got you.  We can craft your neon using the highest quality waterproof LED neon. 

If you are ordering a sign via the online builder just choose the outdoor option or get in touch and we will be sure to sort you out.