Custom Guide

Step by Step guide to our custom process through quotes to delivery and everything between. 

Step 1 - Quote Request

Fill in our custom form here.

Include any designs or inspiration to help with the design or quote.

Step 2 - Quote Sent

We will respond to your email with a quote within 1-2 (typically same day) We will also include an approximate size (guide only) based on the logo or height scale you have selected. Also, we will include an answer to any questions you have. 

Note: Please check your junk mail,  pesky junk mail often swallows our emails!!

We keep our prices as low as possible, but we will beat any Australian/New Zealand quote.

Step 3 - Accept Quote

You will receive the price, if you would like a requote or questions please let us know! No question or request is too small or large. 

If you would like to proceed, let us know and we will pop through an invoice to start the design process.

Two options here

- Invoice for a design deposit $50

- Invoice for deposit of 50% this will cover cost of design and build. Final balance due at completion.

Note: Due to the time required for the design process, we will require a deposit before providing any designs or mockups. 

Step 4 - Design Mockups

We will provide mockups on your design in various styles. Similiar to below image. 

All designs are tailored to your wordings, name etc. No generic fonts here!!


Step 5 - Final Proof

After selection, we will commence a formal proof to confirm the exact size including the acrylic base. Design will be provided for approval and confirmation of colour. Formal proof example show below:

Step 6 - Build

Once confirmed, we will commence build. Typically, this will take 3-6 weeks depending on time of year. If you have deadlines, please ensure we know and commit before build.

Step 7 - Completion

Once completed, we will send a photo and request the final balance to be paid. Courier will be arranged to address provided!


Step 8 - Smiles and Photos

You will receive your neon and we would love for you to post a pic on Instagram or Socials if you are happy!



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